The president has the authority to sign all contracts on behalf of the university. The President gave Provost the power to sign academic contracts and the Vice President of Commercial and Financial Affairs to sign business contracts on behalf of the university. The President, Provost and Vice-President of Economic and Financial Affairs may delegate their respective contract signing powers to other higher education officials, in accordance with a delegation document to be established, signed and maintained in accordance with the guidelines. Contact the general if a delegation document is required. The contract executed is returned to the contract author who either returns a fully executed document to the other party or returns it to the other party in order to obtain signatures and/or authorizations for the amendments proposed and approved by Samford. Global programs store an original version entirely signed in a database of centralized agreements for academic reports. The president of Penn State does not sign an agreement, except in very rare circumstances (for example. B the agreement is of fundamental, strategic importance to the university as a whole and to the president, and is not limited to or only to a college). – Licensing and leasing agreements: if one of these options is activated and the duration of the contract does not apply to restrictions, the user who creates or processes the contract is invited to send it for approval. Once the final draft contract has been drawn up, with all the conditions, requirements and specifications, if any, resumed during the negotiations, it will then be submitted for approval and, to that end, it will be necessary to prepare the contract approval bulletin. Clauses that the English and non-English versions of the agreement are both controllable are not acceptable. Example clause: ”The English version of this agreement is the control version of this agreement for all purposes.

In the event of a conflict between the English version and the translation of this agreement, the English version controls. An agreement does not commit the university or its units unless it is signed by someone with the appropriate authority. Except in an emergency, oral agreements are not allowed and are not recognized or respected by the university. Contracts signed by senior managers or other agents without proper adjudicator power may be considered non-e.g. In such circumstances, individuals may be personally responsible for such agreements and damages suffered by the university. It is in everyone`s interest to have contracts signed only by accredited officials.