If you give the elderly help the power to make transactions on your behalf, they are required to keep written records of those transactions. Practitioners should inform residents that they are also entitled to information ongoing accommodation obligations while receiving care: s23.42 User Rights Principles. Residents will be able to check their bond balance sheets at any time to ensure that the approved supplier is fulfilling its responsibilities. There is little room for negotiation for the revision of territory agreements. However, there is a great deal of leeway for clients to fully understand the services they receive; to charge them the correct amounts; they understand the prudential rules for flat-rate accommodation obligations; and that they are generally comfortable with the legal and financial aspects of moving into home care. This generally describes the state of the situation before the occupant enters the dwelling. It contains recitals such as information provided by the health care provider, the resident and his representative/lawyer/near, as well as the relevant dates of the care agreement and the details of the room. The agreement generally describes the payment of the down payment. The agreement may take a similar form to heads of agreements in trade.

There are steps a supplier can take to reduce the risk of this situation. First, to ensure that appropriate financial investigations are conducted and that the requirements for the payment decision and the signing of the agreement are clearly explained. Second, the attempt to sign the agreement before entering the facility (note that this may not be necessary, as the law gives the resident 28 days after entry within which he can be signed, but it can be promoted as a regular practice). Third, the inclusion in their agreement of a clause under which the resident has accepted the terms of the agreement if he does not sign it within the 28-day period. While resident agreements will be the most important documents for practitioners, it is important to know other information that needs to be made available to potential residents.