During this period, Iran suspended its nuclear activities, recognized intrusive inspection measures and was apparently vulnerable to negotiations for a satisfactory agreement for both sides. Give or produce satisfaction providing content In particular, relieve the mind of doubts or uncertainties and allow it to rest with confidence; sufficient; We are optimistic about how to negotiate a satisfactory agreement for both parties with the ACCORD. The character of the consensual or compulsive relationship, a matter of love or rape or a satisfactory agreement for both parties remained unclear. reparation, compensation or compensation Make the point that there is no claim and rest; Compensation Setting up a ration #4214 North Korea revealed on Tuesday that leader Kim Jong-un had reached a ”satisfactory agreement” with a visit by South Korean officials to Pyongyang the day before. This was my destiny in a long life of production, attributed above all to the ambiguous virtue of industry, a quality so excellent in morale, so unsatisfactory in art. Like a bathtub with white porcelain, when the hot water comes out or lukewarm, is the slow cooling of our chivalrous passion, oh my much vaunted lady, but not quite satisfactory. ”President Moon Jae-in`s intention for a summit of (South Korea`s) Special Envoy (Kim Jong-un) has been exchanged and reached a satisfactory agreement,” he told the KCNA embassy. The NSA review process and, ultimately, the report process will be important, either there are more satisfactory approaches or there are no, and somehow it will be a great thing. The last quarter of last year was complicated, and we are repositioning the economic figures, we will have respectable economic growth (2015). Faced with this situation, it will be very satisfactory. It will help companies ”avoid costly legal costs and maintain business relationships by entering into agreements that are satisfactory to both parties,” Javid said.

The European and Italian champions have announced that he has reached a ”mutually satisfactory agreement” with Benetes regarding the termination of his contract until the end of next season. No decision, decision or finding leading to the suspension of the sale or halt to the trading of the GFN common stock or other GFN securities was not taken or was not taken by a government authority or stock exchange and is not pursued and no proceedings are initiated to that effect or are tried, considered or adequately threatened by such an authority or by applicable law.7.17 Documents.