Rex certainly likes to complain about the lack of representation of women in crossword puzzles when that matches his goal — to criticize his nemesis Will Shorts — but he then lacks the support of women when he criticizes a puzzle, because it contains a real sportsman who should be better known than any man with better letters on his behalf. What is the common denominator? criticize… it cannot withstand criticism of everything and everyone. Thank you Rex for waving this dog, and thanks to Sixthsense for cataloguing the PPP (I counted over 19, but I don`t want to shake). Unlike Rex, I could have lived with the subject, par for the NUT course these days. And I would add that a clue that relates to Buffalo and Wings without doing with the buffalo wings is to go for it. But as Rex and so many others have noticed, this puzzle was WAYYYYYY about the tip in people`s names. I need to be glued to the 24/7 boob to meet half. If Shortz wants to owe readers to take a number of puzzle submissions in PPP, and if it is too high (even ten is too high for my liking, bit could make a reasonable cover), then send them back to the drawing board, or refer them to People Magazine where such puzzles are appropriate. I laughed loudly at STANDINGROOMONLY and smiled big at FEAROFMISSINGOUT, and between waiting for crosses to fill out answers for vague indications as well as names I didn`t know, I had the opportunity to do this sweet work that I like to fill this grid. Twas a nice solution. Yesterday, I and others wrote for the first time in TOES for the hard-to-sculpt part of some Roman statues and had to replace this response with TOGA, so that today, at 107D, there was a little more satisfaction in writing in the TOG.

What is very remarkable to me, whose NERD ALTERTness crossword puzzles are at the high end, is the amazing indication for ETA — [”What`s your-?” (Question to a guest on the go) — this is an unprecedented hint of a word that has appeared more than a thousand times in the NYT`s crossword puzzles. Finally, I love learning new things, and today I learned that LUISE Rainer was the first actor to win several Oscars, one of two actors who won two Oscars at the age of 30, that their two Oscars were back, once married to Clifford Odets and that she was 104 years old. So a satisfactory solution complete with laughin` and learnin` — thank you for that, David! All in all, it`s a Dud with a thunderbolt. The two main Themers (only Standin`s groom and Missin`s fear of gout) are the only winners here. The other themers are just phrases with ”ing.” Have a good time! No.The puzzle is also overwhelmed by names or people, many of whom are not particularly known, and several crosses between them (bad, bad shape). Besides other proper names (places, brands and cartoon dogs), there are 19 people called in the grid. 1. End – famous book, not a famous author2. Sharpton – ok, very well known3. Ney, no one should know.4 Cabello – OK, the very current and popular singer5.

Meade – OK, well-known historical figure6. Jen – OK, contemporary author often excellent7. Ervine, no one knows.8 Teixeira – OK I don`t think a Hall of Famer, but it`s the NYT, so I think long yanks are allowed9.