An oath of allegiance in Florida, which requires a public sector employee to swear that he does not believe in the violent overthrow of the government or that he is not fired, is contrary to a formal procedure by not providing for an investigation into his reasons for refusing to take the oath. Section 1. After one year after the ratification of this article, the production, sale or transport of intoxicating spirits within the European Union, whose importation into the United States or to the entire territory subject to the jurisdiction for drinking purposes is prohibited. A legal assessment procedure in Georgia, which did not allow the taxpayer to be heard on the valuation of real estate which he did not return with the conviction that it was not taxable and which allowed him to challenge the assessment solely for fraud and corruption, violated the proper procedure. In an effort to intervene in the public judicial separation of the school, Louisiana passed statutes that ordered the withdrawal of the New Orleans school board and replaced it with a new group appointed by the legislature, which stripped the board of its counsel and replaced the Louisiana Attorney General, and passed a resolution that ”removed” the board-elected school counsel. These regulations are contrary to the 14th Amendment non-discrimination clause. Contractual freedom, which is protected by the 14th Amendment clause in the ordinary procedure, prohibits the application of the Missouri expiry law by requiring the application of the net worth of life insurance in order to avoid forfeiture if the annual premium is not paid, in order to prevent a Missouri resident from applying another insurance policy sanctioned in the New York office. a loan and, subsequently, terminated to debt satisfaction. A District Court decision declaring a New York law denying social assistance to people entering the state with the intention of obtaining such assistance is summarily upheld. An Illinois law that provides for notification of vehicle withdrawals to a vehicle owner`s home address is unconstitutional because it applies to persons who are state-owned and who are not known at home. A Federal Court ruling that a Texas legal system that denies offenders convicted in prison until appeal, but authorizes timely loans for non-attractive felones in prison, criminalizes the right to appeal is unconstitutionally upheld. A Missouri law that provided financial assistance to Negro residents to enable them to obtain teaching courses at out-of-state universities equivalent to those granted exclusively to white students at the University of Missouri, denies these the same protection of the laws.

A state`s obligation to protect laws equally can only be respected where its laws work; That is, within the framework of their own jurisdiction.